Children reaching their communication potential.

s p e e c h  p a t h o l o g y


Hills Kids Speech Pathology is a private paediatric speech pathology clinic based in Stirling in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Hills Kids Speech Pathology provides assessment, therapy and support for children (18 months to 18 years), who are experiencing speech, language, literacy , fluency and/or central auditory processing difficulties. 

At Hills Kids Speech Pathology we passionately believe in a number of things.

First and foremost we believe in the ability of your child to grow and learn.  We want to help reignite the dreams you have for your child.

We believe in the power and ability of parents and carers.  We desire to empower you to be one of the key members of the team supporting your child’s development.  We have an ‘open door’ policy where we encourage parents and carers to sit in on sessions as much as possible.

We believe we offer an excellent service. 

Tamra Morrison
Certified Practicing Speech Pathologist