H e l p f u l   L i n k s

These sites are full of activities to support your child’s speech, language and literacy development.* (Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page).  Most can be accessed by anybody.  We want the community to be accessing helpful sites for their children.  So tell your friends to come here and enjoy!


Extra Language Resources:  www.elr.com.au/elr.htm

This site is where many of my clients go to access online game based activities to assist with what I am specifically working on in therapy.  You will need my user code to access the activities once inside this site.

Do2learn: Educational resources for special needs.  www.do2learn.com

This site has many free games, songs, activity ideas on speech sounds, social play, safety, language and more.

Speech Therapy Activities: www.speechtx.com

And Mrs Boyd’s ’Have more fun’ headquarters: www.quia.com/pages/havemorefun.html

These sites have many free activities for therapists and parents alike on speech and language.  If you know exactly want you want to work on it helps as the titles can be a little technical.  See how you go.  Mrs. Boyd’s website is mostly text based and so is more suitable for older children.

*Please note that I do NOT endorse these or any other websites in their entirety.  The use of these websites and their material is entirely at your own risk. 

Adrian Bruce’s literacy  - www.adrianbruce.com

This site is one of my favourites and is great for older children as well.  It has ideas for generating poetry, learning to read and more.