W h e n  s h o u l d   I   b e   c o n c e r n e d ?

About my child’s speech and language development?

· If your child is not using some single words by 18 months.

· If your child is 2 years or older and not speaking in two word phrases.

· If your child is at kindy and children and/or other adults are unable to understand what they say.

· If your child has difficulties understanding what you say.

· If your child stutters.

· If your child is struggling to learn how to read and write.

· If your child has general learning difficulties at
pre-school or school.


Many children do not outgrow of speech and language problems without assistance. Seeking help early for your child’s speech and language development can prevent or minimise difficulties in the classroom.

It is never too early to seek advice.

Early intervention sees the best results.  Today is a great day to start seeing your child reaching for their potential.