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Gently correcting your child’s speech or language mistakes is okay—you are the adult and know more.  It is important that we encourage our children to learn things correctly.


Get your child’s attention when talking to them.  This helps them focus on the sounds and words you say.


Read to your children both young and older alike.  Our nine-year-old daughter enjoys us reading long novels to her.


Go to your local library—its free.  There are endless exciting books and also books on CD.  For children who are reluctant readers books on CD will continue expose them to the complex vocabulary and grammar  that is not regularly used in day to day conversation. 


Toy libraries are also an excellent places to get age appropriate toys for your child to extend their interaction and learning about their world.


Invite your child to work with you in the kitchen, or garden or shed.  There are lots of things to learn outside of school.


Play lots of games in the car, ‘Ď spy’, ‘who am I?’, ’ 20 questions’, read the road signs, These games encourage observation to surroundings and keeps young minds active.


Continue to believe in yourself and your child, intervention well into the school years can still see marked improvements in your child’s development.


Need more information to help you support your child’s development?

Email your name and address/email and we will send you a more detailed information package on childhood speech, language and literacy difficulties.